DD of Buffalo is revolutionizing personal driving.  Our drive teams are available to transport people to and from various destinations in their own vehicle.  One of these services is their Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service.  In many circumstances, medical procedures that require patients to undergo anesthesia or sedation, forbid these patients from then driving themselves home.  Patients will usually have to arrange another way to get home; inconvenience a family member or friend, have their spouse take time off work to drive them, or pay for a 2 way cab ride back and forth from the procedure. 

However Designated Drivers of Buffalo can help save time, money, and stress by driving the patient home in their own car after the procedure.  This service is offered any day of the week, and only requires a 24 hour advance booking.  So whether its a colonoscopy, dental, plastic, or laser eye surgery, if you want to get home safely with out any of the hassles, try calling Designated Drivers of Buffalo for their Medical Transportation Service. 

DD of B also provides services forMedicalfacilities, and allows them to offer your patients an alternative to public transportation or relying on a family member.  You have the ability to provide your patients with a discount code or cover the costs of rides yourself.


We make it easy for your patients to get home safe.