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How it works:

When you call our service, we will send out a team of uniformed drivers to your location, and drive you AND your car home, safely!

Service Areas:  All of WNY, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and all surrounding suburbs.

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Sunday 8pm until 4am.  All other times by reservation.

Membership: $99 Initial Fee. You will receive a membership keytag with personal ID number, member rates for all rides and services, other partnership discounts, and express pay option. Membership renewal is only $75 per year after.

Family Membership: Add $49.00 for each additional household member.

**You do not need to be a member to use the service.

New Referral Program – Refer 5 friends or family members for a Membership and receive a FREE Ride Pass.  Help us Save Lives!

To sign up to become a member, please call 716-202-2222 or click below.


           Services                 Member Rates Non-Member Rates  
On-Demand Service  $25 plus $3 per mile  $35 plus $4 per mile
Rent-a-Driver  $35 per hour  $45 per hour
Darien Lake Pickup  $150  $200
Buffalo Bills Game Pickup  $150  $200
Buffalo Bills Season Pass  $1000  $1350
Buffalo Sabres Game Pickup  $25 plus $3 per mile  $35 plus $4 per mile
Medical Transport  $25 plus $3 per mile  $35 plus $4 per mile

Reservations are recommended but not neccessary for On-Demand Service. 24 hr reservations are mandatory for all other services.

Gratuity for the drivers is always appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our website and services. Continue browsing for additional information and rates on our designated driver services. If you have questions at any time or would like to book our car services, give us a call at 716-202-2222 or send an email to Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date news, promotions and much more!