A Designated Driver is a Phone Call Away

This holiday weekend New York State police are reminding people not to drink and drive and choose a designated driver. But if you’re traveling alone and need a “DD” YNN’s Nicki Mayo has details on program that helps get impaired drivers home safely.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. -- “Designated Drivers of Buffalo can I help you?” said Mike Mule’ as he answered a phone call in his Williamsville office. Mule’ rang in the New Year by helping curb the number of drunk drivers on the road.

The Designated Drivers of Buffalo picks up inebriated drivers and helps them get home safely. This is the third the law offices of William Mattar sponsored free rides through the program New Years.

“If you don’t have your vehicle, call a cab. If you do have your vehicle, call us. We’re going to make sure you get home safely. You’re not going to cause any danger to yourself or anyone else,” said Mule’.

“The State Police are having added vehicles and patrols out looking for drunk drivers to make sure the roadways are safe for everybody,” said New York State Police Captain Steven Nigrelli.

“The way New Year’s falls this year it really is a whole weekend of celebration,” said the Troop A, Zone Two Commander. With the World Hockey Juniors and various activities happening around Western New York, the New Year’s celebration is more than one night. That’s why area law enforcement officials are reminding drivers that one night of drinking and driving may lead to a lifetime of problems.

“You’ll be arrested. You’ll have a record. There’s attorney’s fees and court fees. There’s the embarrassment of having your name and picture in the paper,” said Capt. Steven Nigrelli.

“But mostly it’s the thought that you’ve endangered yourself and the public by getting behind the wheel drunk,” he added.

The Erie County Sherriff’s Office reports they made more than 340 driving while intoxicated arrests so far this year that’s nearly 70 more than 2009.

Mule’ reminds drivers that buzzed driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving.

“You can share a bottle of wine with your wife at dinner and, if it’s the wrong situation, you can be over the state limit and you’re going to be in trouble,” Mule’ added.

Designated Drivers of Buffalo will have a 20 car fleet out around the area this weekend. Call (716) 713-7703 to set up a pick up.